Here Abide Monsters

A Night at the Opera

Synopsis of the game from September 11th 2010
(late post due to deadlines)

The party wished to speak with the Marquis D’Ermot regarding what they’d discovered with the ghost, hoping the marquis could tell them more. After inquiring if he was available, they were informed that he was getting ready for a night at the opera but would be pleased to have them as his guests in his private box.

Thereupon the party went off to get suitable bling for the evening, dressing and whatnot. Heidi turned out the best, but everyone looked fine in the end, and they then arrived at the opera house only to have the marquis arrive at the last minute as was his custom.

The opera was a tragedy on many levels. It concerned a young noblewoman who fled the great war only to come back and find her family destroyed, along with her health, for she’s coughing to death from being hit with elf shot, even though this does not stop her arias. In grief, she goes to join a nunnery, except the nunnery has been destroyed too. It is then ambiguous whether she’s being haunted by the phantoms of the dead nuns but does not realize that they are dead because of her mad grief or if she’s gone completely mad and is just hallucinating the whole thing as the first act ends and the ballet fantasia of the spectral nuns begins.

Tharn complains that the nuns he’s used to don’t act like that and aren’t that limber.

The Tragedy of Sister Celesta continues with the second act, where the eponymous heroine goes out to do good works and charity in the city, but everyone views her as mad. Then she dies, but her demented ghost continues as she did in life, wailing and coughing about the city as people jump into the river to escape her, drowning and adding to the chorus of drowned phantoms. The opera ends with the whole city dead and the audience in abject horror, not because of the plot so much as the singing, since the lead soprano is terrible and has obviously only gotten the job because she’s sleeping with the prince. The rest of the cast has been chosen to make her look good. Even the ballet is bad, though not quite so bad as the soprano—there are evidently some standards left in the Paradelle theatre, if not many.

Tharn was introduced to absinthe, which helped fortify the nobles for the second act. However, there was a lot of peacocking among the nobles and this was to be expected.

The group then went back to the marquis’s townhouse where he was able to find old records tracing the hallmark to one “Father Squirrel,” an exorcist of some note who had a hallmark on his silver in the shape of a squirrel with a nut. Later research at the silversmith’s guild further enlightened the party to find that this was a master silversmith who actually made magical silver and the candelabra would probably be magical again if a Make Whole were cast upon it. And there the night ended.



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