Here Abide Monsters

The Haunted Candelabra and the search for the Blue Pony

What to do with a haunted candelabra?

After purchasing the haunted candelabra at the flea market of Paridelle last session, the Marquis D’Ermot kindly lent his coach and his seal ring to retrieve the rest of the party from the tower, the rest of the party being Findar and Tharn (as Ben is moving into the dorms this weekend and Pat is helping him). Unfortunately, while they had gotten the candelabra, they forgot the name of the inn it had been retrieved from the catacombs beneath. They remembered it was the “The Blue” something.

Inquiries at a local pub (The Yew Chamber) revealed that there were five possibilities: The Blue Pony (an ancient and very high class inn in the old district), The Blue Griffin (a fashionable gambling den), The Blue Flames (a nice upper middle class pub close to the theatres), The Blue Cat (actually “The Dead Cat,” an establishment of exceedingly ill reputation partially located in the catacombs), and the Blue Mermaid, which it could not possibly be, as that establishment was located on the grand pier and you’d need to go beneath the river to get to any catacombs beneath. It was also found that the Blue Mermaid is a famous brothel and bawdy house. Ooh la la!

A lovely afternoon lunch was had with the Marquis, during which time they realized he was both a great expert on his city and collector of the antiquities therein, and moreover, was on the track of the Axe of the Dwarvish Lords himself and had nearly narrowed down its location. Diplomacy games ensued, during which the Marquis, in the guise of good information, fed them red herrings while Findar led him around to revealing something he shouldn’t. What occurred was rather than the marquis coming right out and saying it, he mentioned that the legend that the person last seen with the axe had entered into the catacombs beneath the Blue Mermaid, which of course could not possibly be true owing to the Blue Mermaid being over the river. However, there was a fire 150 years ago which consumed many city blocks, including the Blue Mermaid tavern, and the business relocated to the grand pier where it is today. The entrance would be under the foundations of what was the Blue Mermaid before and now has been rebuilt as a new section of the city. Luckily the Marquis did not notice his slip and bid everyone a fond adieu, Findar quite certain that the Marquis thinks that he’d successfully fed these powerful and reckless newcomers a pile of red herrings and dead ends.

Meanwhile, Vlad and Heidi went to the flea market where Heidi sniffed out Armand, a young werewolf who was selling meat pies made out of cat which of course was being sold as rabbit. Vlad then took over the selling of meat pies, making a good sale, but sadly convincing the citizens of Paridelle that they were now forced to import cats for their meat pies.

There was very little time before sundown, so while the party was convinced that the inn the thief had mentioned was the Blue Griffin, they could most quickly make it to the Blue Pony which it turned out was fortunate because that was the actual pub I’d mentioned last session.

In any case, it was discovered that the Blue Pony is an ancient house once belonging to some minor knight of a family line long gone but has now become the sort of fine dining establishment enjoyed by the King, the queen and her ladies, and indeed anyone wealthy who is wanting “Nothing too fancy, just that nice little place around the corner.” Around the corner here of course being from the castle and the townhouses of the nobility.

The maitre d’ was able to immediately accommodate the party of King Tharn, Prince Friedrich and his cousin Margrave Heidi as well as their friends and servants on the third story in the Hunt Room. The wiser in the party also sussed out that the staff of the Blue Pony knew exactly who everyone was and was happily reassured that these notable visitors had chosen to dine at their restaurant first, their fame having preceded them (and a bet or two was likely won in the kitchens). Dinner was brought, a lovely repast of duck confit with sauerkraut, cassoulet, bread, wine, cheese and sausages. Findar quietly checked to see if anything was poisoned, but the only poison he detected in the room was on all the stuffed deer and boar heads, and if you got so drunk you went and started licking the arsenic off, well, you deserved what you got. Vlad remembered how to do a dumb supper, a ritual where you say nothing while eating and set an extra place for the ghost to see if he appears.

Appear he did, the ghost of Lord Herrik, a young man who had been locked in a closet (meaning a windowless room, not a cupboard for coats) and left to starve to death in the dark. Somewhere along the line a well-meaning priest had laid his ghost somewhat to rest by finding him, reburying him, and leaving him a candelabra to light his way, but unfortunately had not left any food and he was still starving. After feeding the ghost, Tharn allowed himself to be possessed at which point the ghost gorged himself on food until Tharn could hold no more.

The story then came out, what little of it was known: Herrik had been locked in the dark to starve to death almost a thousand years before. It may have been by his brother, maybe someone else. He doesn’t know.

The three things he needs to lay his ghost to rest are simple: light (provided by the candelabra), food (provided by the party now), and an answer to what had happened to him, which the party hopes to maybe get from the Marquis D’Ermot, who they suspect is a bard or loremaster. Certainly he knows a lot about his city.

Herrik’s brother was Germand, and both of them were of House Kiriya. The family was buried in the churchyard of the church of St. Beryl.

Sated for the evening, the ghost then chugged a bottle of wine and took its spirit with him as he disappeared to his grave, sinking down through the floor and causing screams as he went down through a few more stories of the restaurant. Someone’s anniversary dinner obviously became a night to remember.

Tharn also did, as he passed out and threw up at the same time, but was saved by timely administration of a spoon down his throat by Vlad. The vomit mess was cleaned up and the maitre d’ arranged a coach to take them to the old cloisters, which was of course no longer a cloister but a nice hotel built on the ruins of a picturesquely ruined abbey. They took the nice suite (as opposed to the suite where the king probably took his mistress) and there the game ended.



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