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“Here Abide Monsters” is using the Pathfinder ruleset with large portions of 3.5, along with house rules, 1st edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, 2nd edition, and even potions of 4e and Arduin. But mostly Pathfinder, so get that book if you can.

Backstory of the World

A long long time ago (or 653 years for those with Knowledge History) there was a great golden age of magic: mighty towers of sorcery and colleges of wizardry, glorious temples to many gods and saints and miracle workers and even a few popes, dragonriders and knights with blades with dwarven-forged runes that had impressive names, and colleges of bards and meistersingers to chronicle the glorious deeds of all these worthies, just before they killed each other.

Dragons swallowed popes. Saints dropped wizard’s towers into rivers. Whole cities vanished into the shadowlands, or the fey realms, or even Hell itself. It was, quite simply, a mess.

Civilization didn’t rebuild so much as muddle by. There are ruins where only the mad, the foolish and the desperate go, but there’s always a few of all those, so adventuring happens.

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